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Ooty Top RealestaeGDN’s Ooty Top Realestate, our flagship company, is a leading player in the field of real estate development with a proven track record in the field of civil construction and real estate development activities. Founded in the year 1993.

GDN Realestate has 20 years of experience in Buying and Selling & 15 years of experience in Building Construction. Though our current business focus is on Nilgiris, we have earned a reputation for efficiency and reliability World Wide.

Tapping into the core competencies of the GDN’s Ooty Top Realestate, we provide end to end real estate development. It is GDN’s Ooty Top Realestate constant endeavor to adapt to the best practices in the real estate development sector.

Our strength is built on key business drivers – in-depth project execution experience, robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and modern construction technology.

The company works with leading contractors on its projects to ensure that we leverage our combined strengths to ensure the most optimal utilization of resources.                                         

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gdn intGDN  Interiors is a team of professionals comprising of Interior designers, architects & civil engineers who have hands-on experience & expertise in the fields of interior designing, Interior Renovations, space planning and turnkey contracts for more than one and a half decades.

We create remarkable designs for Residence Interiors, Home Interiors, Villa Interiors, Office Interiors, Corporate Interiors, Showroom Interiors, Restaurant Interiors, Spa Interiors, Parlor Interiors, and Movie Hall Interiors & Auditorium

Every project we take up for execution undergoes meticulous planning, space optimization, aesthetic concept detailing, effective knowledge transfer and unparalleled creations through skilled workmen.

Thus we ensure quality standards in every tread we step in which in fact help us to complete projects within stipulated time frames as desired by our clients.
Our vision is to become one of the best Interior Designers in Nilgiris


Home_Construction_Services-New-EnglandWelcome to GDN Construction

A rising name of commendable repute in construction services across Nilgiris, our specialty lies in delivering top draw solutions to all the aspects pertaining to undertaking of construction projects of any shape, size or difficulty. The company prides in delivering an umbrella range of services pertaining to virtually all aspects of Construction Management.

Right from covering all the key aspects of a Program Management schedule, to keeping a tab on the various checkpoints in the Project Controls module, there is no aspect the clients need to worry about once they hire the experts Us.

GDN Construction also specializes in undertaking large infrastructure projects where applications of Design and Structural engineering hold the key in ascertaining the viability and longevity of the structure. Applications of Value Engineering are also an expertise at GDN Construction for achieving economies of scale in very large projects.

Just think about anything, a school building, a shopping mall, a factory, a house, and all the structures that you may want to think of erecting. We can easily carry out your desired construction in the most cost efficient and professional manner with our world-class Construction Management Services. Armed with a strong team of highly skilled professionals, we get down supervising the assigned project in a very methodical manner. We check for all possible roadblocks in advance, and act accordingly to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the execution of a project at any point of time during its execution. We also keep a constant eye on the procurement essential for smooth functioning of daily schedule, and also monitor cost spending on a real time basis

History Of Nilgiris

The Nilgiris, because of its natural charm and pleasant climate, was a place of Special attraction for the Europeans.   In 1818, Mr. Whish and Kindersley, who were assistants to the Collector of Coimbatore, discovered the place Kotagiri near Rengaswamy  peak. John Sullivan, the then Collector of Coimbatore was greatly interested in this part of the country.  He established his residence there and reported to the Board of Revenue on 31st July 1819.

        The Name ‘Nilgiris’ means Blue hills (Neelam – Blue and giri – Hill or Mountain) the first mention of this name  has been found in the Silappadikaram. There is a belief that the people living in the plains at the foot of the hills, should have given the name, the Nilgiris, in view of the violet blossoms of ‘kurinji’ flower enveloping the hill ranges periodically. The earliest reference to the political history of the Nilgiris,  according to W.Francis   relates to the Ganga Dynasty of  Mysore.

        Immediately after the Nilgiris was ceded to the British in 1789, it became a part of Coimbatore district. In August 1868 the Nilgiris was separated from the Coimbatore District. James Wilkinson Breeks took over the administration of the Nilgiris as its Commissioner. In February 1882, the Nilgiris was made a district and a Collector was appointed in the place of the Commissioner. On 1st February 1882, Richard Wellesley Barlow who was the then Commissioner became the First Collector of Nilgiris.

Geographical Location of the District

        The Nilgiris is situated at an elevation of 900 to 2636 meters above MSL. Its latitudinal and longitudinal dimensions being 130 KM (Latitude : 10 – 38 WP 11-49N) by 185 KM (Longitude : 76.0 E   to 77.15 E). The Nilgiris is bounded on North by Karnataka State on the West by Coimbatore District, Erode District, South by Coimbatore District and Kerala State and as the East by Kerala State.

         In Nilgiris District the topography is rolling and steep. About 60% of the cultivable land falls under the slopes ranging from 16 to 35%


Since this district is situated at an elevation of 900 to 2636 meters about MSL during summer the climate remains to the Maximum of 21 degree Celsius to 25 degree  Celsius and the minimum of 10degree Celsius to 12degree Celsius . During the winter the temperature available to the maximum 16degree Celsius  to 21degree Celsius. and minimum of 2degree Celsius.


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